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One of the major metropolitan areas in India with a sizable population is Mumbai. Mumbai’s “red light areas” are a few of the city’s most important districts. These areas have different charms, and in this post, we will talk all about – Red Light Areas in Mumbai. Let’s talk more about this topic. The popular center of prostitution in Mumbai is Kamathipura.

This area is not only popular in Mumbai only but also the biggest red-light area in Asia. Commercial sex has become a trade in the overall world. Mumbai is the ultimate place for visitors where they can find the goals of sex tourism. The sex trade includes men, women, children, and transgender.

Mumbai is among the biggest cities in the country. Even a wide number of wealthy people from Asia are living in India. The city has a mixture of rich and poor people. However, the paid prostitutes trade has also very popular in Mumbai city. People don’t want to speak on this topic because no one wants to discuss the sex industry trade. Everyone is busy hiding at the top of red-light areas and Brothels in Mumbai.

Mumbai’s Top 10 Red Light Areas: A Full Guide to Visiting Mumbai Red Light Zones

While some of the city’s hookers are luxurious and high-end, others are quite inexpensive and unsafe. This is why many sex workers are suffering from HIV problems right now. Thus, the government should take a look at the problems and demands of sex workers, as they are also human and they also have their own needs. Honey trapping is a major concern for the security agencies in the city, and this happens in many red-light areas. Thus, you must be careful while visiting any Brothel or red-light area of the city.

1). Pila House – A Famous Sex Place in Mumbai

Red Light Areas in Mumbai- sex workers Mumbai

Another place, which is the red light area of Mumbai, is Pila House. The area is small but looks too much attractive and traditional. Here you can find various categories of sex workers in Mumbai for the pamper goals. We know that prostitution is not legal in India, but still, many areas in the country have been famous for the sex trade since ancient times. Which is the best thing about this area? An extensive brothel area is located at this place, and Pila House is known for the cheap sex place in Mumbai. Women from all over India come to this place to work as sex workers.

We want to give the first position to Pila House as one of the top red light areas in Mumbai due to the beautiful ladies and amazing culture of this place. There are many traditional and ancient brothels you can find here.

2). Kamathipura: A Popular and Biggest Red Light Areas in Mumbai, India, Asia

Red Light Areas in Mumbai

A renowned place where the sex trade has been done is Kamathipura, it is the biggest red light area location in Central Mumbai. The sex workers come from several states and cities, including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. If you believe that the only people who operate as sex workers in Kamathipura are from Maharashtra, you are mistaken. There are also sex workers here from other states. Thus, if your hotel or stay place is located near Kamathipura, you can find some fun and joy there. In terms of the largest red light areas in India, this place ranks in the second position. A large number of sex workers are working here.

Formally, this place was known as “Lal Bazar,” and this name was named by the British Government Time because the roots of prostitution have been working here since 1795. There are more than 14 lanes of brothels and prostitutes cater here, you can find paid sex girls contact number by searching on Google “prostitutes near me“.

3). Turbhe Tekdi Red Light Area Near Turbhe Railway Station Mumbai

Turbhe Tekdi Read Light Area

Another Mumbai red light area is Turbhe Tekdi. The area is not very large and located near TURBHE Railway Station. It is a slum area and a major place for sex workers in Mumbai. The place is affordable to rent out in the city, and that’s why many sex workers live here. You can find affordable women at Turbhe Tekdi because Kamathipura is quite expensive, and there are high prices for sex workers here. Sex workers from Nepal and Bengal are also working here.

The area’s history is not very ancient; initially, workers, craftsmen and laborers are working here. The sexual desires of the city boom the business of sex workers at the place. After 8 PM, you can explore the escort services here.

4). Ghatkopar Red Light in Mumbai

Ghatkopar Red Light in Mumbai

Ghatkopar is the most popular and affordable red light area in the Mumbai district. More than 1500 sex workers are working in this area. In terms of space, it is a small red light area in Mumbai and is mainly located in the eastern part of the city and known for the top prostitutes’ lanes in  Mumbai.

5). Sonapur is Know for Best Sex Workers in Mumbai

Sonapur is Know for Best Sex Workers in Mumbai

A hidden and uncovered area you need to know as the best red light area in Mumbai is Sonapur. When you are finding a professional escort in the city, you can consider this city because the area offers professional escort services. However, you must be careful while visiting the area because there are many criminals and drug addicts.

6). Garib Nagar

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On the other hand, you can’t miss visiting Garib Nagar Red Light Area in Mumbai if you are looking for the best red light area in the city. Therefore, visit this place if you are considering exploring the top-notch and best area of the city for professional escort booking in Mumbai.

7). Hanuman Tekdi

popular red-light area of Mumbai

The place is near Bhiwandi, and Hanuman Tekdi is a popular red-light area of Mumbai. The place is nearby a hillside, and that’s why many tourists visit this place for pleasure. Many sex workers are working and residing in this area. Women from Bangladesh, Nepal and Kolkata are working here. You can find many attractive women here for sex service in Mumbai.

8). Malad Red Light Area

safe red light areas in Mumbai

Malad is the 8th position holder in this list of safe red light areas in Mumbai. It is a fun place where around 500 sex workers are working. The place is located in the western part of Mumbai, and here, you can find many affordable resorts and lodges. Here you can explore sexual services for the utmost pleasure.

9). Mulund

It is another small red-light area of the city, and here you can explore the women’s sex worker services. The place is located in the North-Eastern Part and is known as the – Mini Kamathipura. You can visit the area if you are considering exploring the best Russian call girls in the city.

10). Dongri

Last but not least, Mumbai’s major red light area is Dongri. The place offers affordable sexual services in the city. Here both affordable and expensive hotels, resorts and lodges are available.

Spend Your Time and Have Sex Always Use Condom

Therefore, this list of Mumbai’s top 10 red light areas is enough to understand the top names. Make sure that you are visiting these areas with your friends and not alone if it is your first time because these are not safe places to visit during the evening or nighttime. Are you looking to spend some more time for pleasure and pamper for the sexual hookups? If yes, then you can visit the top red light areas of the city and explore the professional sex services of the city to take care of your utmost intimacy.

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